What can you and your child expect from Invercargill Middle School?

A Welcomming Environment

A Welcoming Environment

We want to provide a positive school culture where students enjoy coming to school and parents love being a part of the school community.

We want everyone who walks through the gate to feel welcomed and we want to be known as a school with high expectations in education and behaviour.

High Quality Teaching Programmes

High Quality Teaching Programmes

We place a strong emphasis on reading, writing, and maths at Middle School. 

We work hard to provide high-quality teaching programmes that meet individual learning needs as much as possible.


A Safe Environment

A Safe Environment

We have focused on developing a school culture that makes everyone feel valued and included. 

Taking responsibility for behaviour, learning and belongings is another key component that all children are aware of.

Expectations from Parents

expectations from parents

What do we expect from parents/caregivers ?

  • To have children at school every day and on time (except for sickness)
  • To have children ready for learning, with lunch, the correct uniform and all the equipment they will need.
  • To be involved in their child’s education by reading each night, expecting homework to be completed and talking with the teacher about the child’s progress.
  • To be a part of any word exercises and/or basic facts programmes that we might send home to help reinforce learning at school
  • To help children take responsibility for all school gear that comes home, ensuring it is returned or taken responsibility for.
  • To celebrate children’s success.