At IMS we believe that whanaungatanga (belonging) is reinforced by having effective routines, students knowing what they can expect from others and what they should expect of themselves.

To help this we have programmes that build on student's strengths and abilities, they develop knowledge about what they are learning, why, and will also be focused on goals for future progress. Students are expected to be ready for learning and there is an expectation that everyone is engaged in learning reading, writing, and maths every day. Interruptions are strongly discouraged during these learning times and we only take part in activities that are a part of the school learning programme instead of yearly events held because of tradition.

Students have a range of sports and cultural teams that they can take part in, the school employs a part-time sports coordinator but the parent, whanau involvement is encouraged to help with coaching and managing teams.

Te Puna Wai Ora, Invercargill Middle School

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

How does Invercargill Middle School operate?


Parents or guardians are expected to inform the school of all absences by telephone, between 8:30 – 9:00am.


On Fridays, at 2:30pm, the whole school meets in the school hall for an assembly. This is a time for classroom sharing, sports reports, achievements, singing and Duffy awards. These are run by the Young Leaders and parents are more than welcome to join us.

Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees are elected to govern the school and they meet once a month on a Monday evening. You are welcome to attend any board meeting, advertised in the newsletter. Elections for the board of trustees occur every three years.

School values

Our school values are respect and responsibility. All members of our school community should be aware of these and use them every day. Instead of setting a list of rules we regularly discuss what respect and responsibility look like in the classroom, the playground and in the community. We expect our children to show respect, for themselves, for others and for the environment.

When we make a mistake we own it, fix it and learn from it. All of our discussions with children and the consequences for making mistakes are based on restorative practices. This means the relationships are restored and consequences are given so that the mistakes are not repeated.

You may be contacted about mistakes made by your child. This could be by letter or by phone and there is an open door here for parents to discuss these incidents further.

Duffy Books:

Invercargill Middle School is part of the Duffy Books in Homes Programme. This means children will receive books each year, at no cost. As well as that children have the opportunity to be in a weekly draw to receive another free book in recognition of their efforts in literacy.

In Term 4 parents are given the opportunity to purchase a range of books at the reduced price of $5 an item.

Pre-Schoolers whose dates of birth are given to the school will receive an age appropriate Duffy Book for their birthday. We are proud to be a Duffy Books school but we also need business sponsorship to continue the programme, if you have any leads for sponsorship then please let us know.


At various times throughout the year groups within the school will run fundraising ventures. Permission will be requested before children can take part in these. There will also be fundraising efforts for the school, to benefit the whole school. Information about these will be in the newsletter.

Healthy Schools

Middle School is a “Health Promoting School”. As part of this we are a “Fruit in School” School. This programme provides every child in the school with a piece of fresh fruit everyday which is to be eaten at fruit break time. We also encourage the children to have healthy options in their lunch boxes.

Lost Property:

Sadly we do end up with a collection of lost property. Lost property is stored at the office and parents can look for lost items there. All unclaimed items are donated to charity at the end of each term. Please name lost property to help us return it to the rightful owner.


All money sent to school should be sent in a named, sealed envelope and given to the appropriate staff member – please check the note requesting the money. Children should not bring money/valuables/toys unless they are required for some aspect of the school programme. Teachers will not be responsible for looking after any of these items bought to school.


Newsletters are sent home once a week on Thursdays. These are sent home with the oldest student in each family. Newsletters have all the information about what is happening at school, we try hard to make sure we do not send a lot of different notes home, if possible. If you have any notices or events you would like in the newsletter then please submit the details before the end of school on Wednesdays.

Young Leaders

A group of children is selected each year as our Young Leaders. The students have demonstrated the commitment to the school and their work. They take part in and organise a variety of activities around the school.

Bible In Schools

Bible in schools takes place on Thursdays, 2.30pm. Students can opt to go to this programme. If you would like to have your child opt out of all Bible in Schools programmes then please let the office know, otherwise, it will be the children’s choice.

School Camp

Our Year 6 class attend school camp once a year. Other classes may also go on “camps” at various times throughout the years. Permission and medical forms are sent home and need to be returned before any children can take part in these activities.

Reporting to Parents

Throughout the year there are chances for parents to meet teachers to discuss their child’s achievement and progress. In the junior classes, this is after 6 weeks at school, 6 months, 1 year and after 18 months.

Samples of the children’s work and achievement are collated in their Reflection books. These will send home at different times throughout the year. Interviews are held for students after they have been at the school for 2 years -6 years in March and November, to discuss your child’s progress and to set goals. Children will also be involved in the student-led conferences mid-way through the year.

If you wish to discuss your child’s progress at any other time please do not hesitate to make a time to talk to the class teacher.

Concerns or complaints

We have an open door policy and if you would like to discuss any issues then please follow the following procedure: chairpersonMake a time and meet with the classroom teacher, Assistant Principal or Deputy Principal.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of this meeting then please contact the office to make a time to meet the Principal, please outline your concerns when setting this meeting so that the principal can gather any required information.

If you are still unhappy then you can write to the board of trustees (mail can be delivered directly Chairperson through the office) outlining your concerns.

When situations arise it is important that all the information is collected and that all the people involved are given time to respond effectively. If you do have an issue then please consider what outcome you want so that we know what the expectations are.

Invercargill Middle School


Fitness / PE

Children are expected to take part in the physical activity / physical education programme that will take place most days. If there is a problem with this then please contact the classroom teacher.

Sunhats / Sun smart

To help promote sun smart behaviour all children are issued with a Middle School hat. These are to remain at school and need to be worn in term 1 and 4.


All children are issued with a safety high visible vest that need to be worn on all school trips.


To help promote a sense of pride and identity with Invercargill Middle School . The uniform includes a red polo top, a navy skirt or culottes for girls, navy track pants or shorts for boys. A light blue polo top can also be worn. Footwear will be black school shoes or gym shoes. These can be purchased from Postie Plus, Spey Street, Invercargill.

Lost Equipment

Parents will be charged for any vests, hats, reading/library books or other equipment that are not returned at the end of each week. A replacement will then be issued. This is regardless of whether it is lost at school or at home as it will be treated as the child’s property.

School Hours

8:30 am (School opens)

9:00am (School starts)

10:30am – 10:50am (Interval)

12:50pm – 1:50pm (Lunch time)

3:00pm (School finishes)

Road Patrol

The crossing in Don Street is supervised by a teacher and senior students between 3:00pm and 3:10pm each day.

There is parking available along Don street and Jed Street, please do not use the staff parking area as this is not designed to manage the volume of vehicles that come through at the beginning and end of the school day.

Sporting Activities

There are a number of sporting opportunities available to children at Middle School, including touch, netball, and cricket. These will be offered to children throughout the year. Children are encouraged to make the most of every opportunity. The school also receives Kiwi Sports funding, a fund that can help students to participate in organised sport, if you have a need then please let us know.

Home work

All children will have some form of homework each week. Reading, spelling and basic facts are the essential components and there may be some small tasks to do with what is happening in class.

We expect ALL children to read every school night, please return reading/library books on time so that we can get the right books home the next night. Any library books lost will be invoiced for.


Stationery lists are given to children prior to them beginning school. We do not stock stationery at school so this needs to be purchased from an outside supplier prior to children beginning school.

We encourage parents to cover children’s books to help maintain the standard of presentation we expect.

Choir / production

There are different opportunities for children to be involved in a choir and the school production and we encourage students to have a go. Children enjoy the chance to show their talents and we have a number of formal and informal performances that they can get involved in

Kapa Haka

Invercargill Middle School has an active Kapa Haka group. Leading up to a performance like the Murihiku Poly festival and the local Kapa Haka competitions the group will practice every week. If you would like to be involved then please contact the school.